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The RIL Framework reduces stress.

We feel stress & pressure the most when our income, family/relationships or our legacy is not working for us. Money doesn't solve the problem, but it can lead to the solution you need. Arguably, stress is our effort to control things that we don't control. In all aspects of life.

Relationships. Income. Legacy.

"I've gotten some of the best advice from Kevin, literally life changing. You have to give him a call."

- Sarah Novak, Emotion Addiction Specialist

"I've monetized my online audience with Kevins help. I, now, have a business model & it's working."

- Zelinda Yanez, The Yoga Room with Zelinda

"I left corporate to build something special in real estate. Kevin helped me from day 1."

- Ryan Bowman, The Summit Group by eXp Realty


7-Figure Life

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"I've worked with Kevin for years. He was the officiant at my wedding. He's worked with my husband, my friends & my clients. That's how much I trust him to get the results we want." 

VANESSA CHARLES, CEO of Amplify Real Estate Group & Amplify The Event

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